Fire detection and extinction

We provide solutions for fire detection and extinction through smoke detectors that are photoelectric, thermal, use ionization, etc. We also utilize hydrants and sprinklers.
IT enviroment oriented solutions are achieved by synthetic, halocarbonated and inherents clean agents like Novec 1230, FM 200, HFC-125.

Air conditioner

High temperatures that servers and different components of the Data Center generate require systems that regulate both temperature and humidity, along with creating backups, protecting and managing energy.
We have integral solutions for precision air conditioners and comfort air conditioners.


Uninterruptible power supply solutions that ensure the critical operation of the Data Center, avoids loses by energy shortage and lack of current.

Structured cabling

Data and voice systems are used for interconnecting workstations of a company. Since the IP enviroments multiplpy quickly, the physical network must be properly designed and managed.

Electric substations

Design and construction of medium and high voltage substations, considering boards, transformers and emergency plants to power the facilities with electric current.

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